The Practicalities Of Traveling On Your Own With Your Child

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to travel as a family. On this particular trip Rob has had to miss out of the Taiwan / Hong Kong leg of our holiday due to work. I was surprised by just how much extra admin this has created.
I am grateful for the strict child travel regulations, they protect our children. But regulations can be tricky and vary from country to country, so know the requirements well ahead of time and make sure you are compliant.
Here’s my checklist for Asia and Australia:
For your Taiwanese visa you need:
a letter of consent from the parent not travelinga copy of their identity documenta copy of your child(rens) unabridged birth certificate(s)
For your Australian visa you need:
a letter of consent from the parent not travelinga colour copy of their identity document showing their signature (for South Africans this would be your drivers license)a colour copy of their passport

form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years
While traveling always carry:
original, certified letter of consent for each destinationyour child(rens) original unabridged birth certificate(s) *copies of visa grant notifications (these are electronic but the airline advised carrying them just in case)
* South Africa has scrapped the strict rules for traveling with children however, always carry original unabridged birth certificates. I have been asked to show it at every check-in counter.

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