Staying Sane During School Holidays

School holidays are a challenge for most parents. I totally get it, we are a homeschooling family and it is a challenge I face daily. One way I have stayed sane and Lexi has gotten plenty of social interaction is attending adventures with Adventure Clubs.
Adventure Clubs is an app (available in both iTunes and Play stores) that lists activities in your city. Adventures are for kids from 6 months old right up to 10 years and cover cultural, sporting, food activities etc. So if you have a little foodie, here are some of our favourite food related family activities that are coming up in the school holidays:
Raspberry picking at The Field Berry Farm

While it’s a bit of a drive from where we live, this is a totally worthwhile adventure. We both ate our fill and we went home with plenty of raspberries. Here’s what we made with what we took home.

Douglasdale Dairy Tour

The highlight of this adventure for Lexi was feeding the calves. Kids get to put on coats, hairnets and boots and view the processing plant.
Leafy Greens – Vegetarian Pizza

This is without a doubt Lexi’s favourite adventure and one that we attend regularly. Families are taken on a guided walk through the organic vegetable gardens and pick vegetables. Afterwards the kids work together to make amazing recipes that everyone enjoys together afterwards. Budget a few extra hours because the kids will want to play on the playground afterwards.

La Cremosa Italian Gelato

What’s better than eating authentic Italian gelato? Getting involved in the making! Kids get to see how the gelato is made (and help) then enjoy it afterwards.

Casalinga Little Foodies

Another of Lexi’s favourites. Families get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Casalinga while cooking amazing dishes.

Ganico Organic Pomegranate Picking

Lexi and I both LOVE pomegranate and have already been enjoying the Ganico organic pomegranates this season. But in my experience kids always love to see where their food is grown and pick their own, and Lexi is no exception. It’s a great way to get kids to try new foods!

*** NOTE *** I was in no way compensated for this post. We have enjoyed Adventure Clubs and I simply wanted to share this great app with you.

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