What On Earth Is Sharon Fruit?

June 7, 2018

We were browsing in the vegetable shop recently when Lexi was offered a sample taste of Sharon fruit. I was kinda perplexed because I thought I had a broad knowledge of fruit and vegetables, but I'd never heard of Sharon fruit. Turns out, it's a persimmon (Chinese apple) and there was no way we were going home without a bag. It was love at first taste for Lexi.



Aren't they pretty?


These little gems, while high in sugar, are packed with vitamins and the health benefits are amazing....

  • Persimmons contain twice as much fibre as apples

  • They are rich in calcium, iron and magnesium

  • They are great for relieving an upset tummy

  • Persimmon tannins effectively slows subcutaneous bleeding making them great for treating bruises

  • They are known to protect the body from flu by developing resistance against viral infection

I had no idea what to look for when buying them, so I went with my usual rule of thumb and chose those with taut, glossy skin and no bruises. They were a little firm but ripen quickly at room temperature. Ripe fruit should be stored in the fridge.


Please share your persimmon recipes! I'd love to know how everyone enjoys them.




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