Lunch Box Cheats

August 1, 2018


One of the posts I am most often asked for is lunch box ideas. As a homeschooling mom I don't have to pack a lunch box for Lexi. However, I find it quick and easy to prepare lunch and snacks for the next day at night while I am making dinner.


Have you heard of MyPlate? It is an initiative from the United States Department of Agriculture to encourage healthier eating. The focus is on variety and nutrition, and finding a healthy eating style. I think that their plate is a great guideline for putting together a healthy lunch box for kids.

My personal guideline is:


1 x fruit

2 x vegetables

1 x grain

1 x protein

1 x dairy

With a glass of water (I will occasionally give Lexi a small cup of juice, which then replaces the fruit)


Here are some of Lexi's favourite lunches:






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