Secret & Intrigue – A Unique Dining Experience

Were you one of those kids that loved mystery books and pretended you were a detective? Great! Then you’re going to love this one-of-a-kind dining experience.
SecretEATS brings together top chefs and rising culinary stars with curious and outgoing food lovers in unique, unexpected and absolutely breathtaking locations, creating unforgettable experiences centered around food.
SecretEATS returned to South Africa in 2018 with an unforgettable Spring dinner. The lineup for 2019 promises to be fabulous and is kicking off on 16 and 23 February at a private members-only lounge in Johannesburg. Guests will be treated to four indulgent courses (prepared by a surprise chef) perfectly paired with wines.
The chef for this dinner was mentored by legendary South African chefs David Higgs and Marthinus Ferreira. This young gun is making waves overseas with their recent placement in the top 7 of a well-respected international culinary competition.

Rob and I attended the Spring edition of SecretEATS last year. We both loved the anticipation of not knowing who the chef was or where the dinner was being held, until the last minute.
The SecretEATS team put together a superb evening, cleverly adding a twist that was a great conversation opener. Guests were engaging and interesting and the conversation was lively and fun. We left happy and relaxed, having laughed a lot and learned a lot from our dinner companions.
The food, wine and entertainment were, of course, spectacular!
Chef Sasha Simpson’s no-waste philosophy spoke to the ardent environmentalist in me. More importantly, her food was creative and appealed to the senses. Nobody can elevate the humble strawberry like Sasha. Her Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry dessert featured strawberry prepared three ways. Each mouthful was an experience in texture and flavour like none I have experienced before.
We highly recommend SecretEATS for an unusual and fun, adult night out.
Tickets are highly sought after, so don’t delay and book your tickets now.
Visit the SecretEATS Facebook page or you can book here.

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