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Power of Pink Movement

Help uplift underprivileged survivors of breast cancer: join the power of pink movement and buy mushrooms in pink punnets this October.


An Appeal From Breast Cancer NGO Reach For Recovery

You may not know it but every member of the Reach for Recovery team is a breast cancer survivor herself. Even more amazing is that they are the only voluntary support structure for thousands of underprivileged women who have lost her breast(s) through this dreadful disease.

Shirley Gottschick, Chairperson of Reach for Recovery’s Johannesburg branch is passionate about Reach for Recovery’s Ditto Prostheses Project, which provides breast prostheses to those who cannot afford them. “It is a life-changing gift of hope for a mastectomy patient as she can face life again looking ‘normal’ and feeling confident!”

Power of Pink

“And remember,” Shirley says, “your generous  purchase of 250g pink punnets of whole or sliced white button mushrooms at Pick n Pay during October, is the power behind our  annual Power of Pink campaign. The funds raised give financial power to Reach for Recovery’s Ditto Prostheses Project to purchase silicone breast prostheses for women who can’t afford reconstructive surgery after the trauma of breast cancer.

“Breast cancer can happen to anyone, young and old,” affirms Reach for Recovery volunteer Rita Mphokwane. “So it’s best to get to know how to do your  breast self-examination from a young age,” She encourages everyone to buy fresh mushrooms in the pink punnets because the women we help really appreciate the gift! And it’s also good to know that mushrooms have anti-cancer health benefits for the ones buying and eating them.”

Reach for Recovery motivational speaker Mokgadi Minah Sookane finds her volunteer work fulfilling. Whether she’s fundraising through the Power of Pink campaign or visiting patients in hospital, this is her message to survivors: “Be positive, take care of yourself and listen to your doctor! But most importantly, always know that we walk this road together.”

“Breast cancer also brings harsh realities into your life,” concludes Stephné Jacobs, National Chairperson of Reach for Recovery. “The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association’s (SAMFA) annual Power of Pink fundraising campaign in conjunction with Pick n Pay is a wonderful way in which Reach for Recovery can make a very real difference to the future of uninsured women who had survived breast cancer. Everyone who buys pink punnets of mushrooms in October brings that ‘ray of hope’ to survivors.”

Power of Pink

Mushrooms and Breast Cancer

Mushrooms have long been believed to help fight breast and other cancers that are hormone related because they have the ability to inhibit aromatase. This enzyme helps produce estrogen, which is the hormone that can fuel breast cancer. Mushrooms also contain lectins, which are substances that have been shown to prevent cancer cell division and growth. A study among Korean women showed that greater mushroom intake was related to lower risk of breast cancers among premenopausal women.

Women who eat just 10g of mushrooms every day seem to halve their risk of breast cancer. All the more reason to purchase your pink punnet of mushrooms at Pick n Pay this October!

Happy October!

DISCLAIMER: This was sponsored by The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association. The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association provided me with this recipe and associated image. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way. The fact is, I’m crazy about mushrooms, and want to shout it from the rooftops anyway.


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