Pomegranate Snacks That Will Have Your Kids Coming Back For More

From a tiny tot Lexi has loved pomegranate and after visiting Ganico last year we jump at every opportunity to visit their gorgeous farm and buy their produce. Ganico is a boutique farm in picturesque Muldersdrift (Joburg). They are certified organic and place a huge emphasis on earth friendly packaging. They do everything with love and care, and it shows.
As mentioned recently in my post about school holidays, we had such an opportunity last month. We ended up with a LOT of pomegranates!
One of the reasons we love pomegranates (aside from the obvious, like their beauty and flavour) is the amazing nutritional benefits they offer. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins C and E which are powerful antioxidants.
I have to admit that at first I was unsure of how to seed a pomegranate and was intimidated by them. Fear not, this video demonstrates how simple and quick it actually is. With practice it gets even easier.
So, now that they’re seeded, here are some of our favourite ways to eat pomegranate….
Pomegranate and Smashed Avo on Toast
This is super simple and makes a great breakfast, lunch or any time snack. Lexi favours the sourdough bread from Jackson’s Real Food Market.
Lexi’s Take on Ants on a Log

Lexi took me by surprise with this one and it was extremely yummy (and pretty!). It’s a snack that older kids can prepare themselves too. Lexi smeared a stalk of celery with cream cheese and lined up her pomegranate "ants". This has become a firm favourite with everyone in our household.
Pomegranate and Cucumber Salad
We found this recipe on the Munching Mongoose website and have made different versions. You can find their recipe here.
Pomegranate Fro-Yo Pops
Another super quick snack that the kids can help prepare. We used 1 cup full cream natural yoghurt, 1 cup pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of honey. Mix it up and freeze in an ice tray or a pop maker (we use our Zoku pop maker).

Or of course, you can just snack on it as it is!
What are your favourite pomegranate recipes? Would love to give them a try.

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