Movie Night Treats

Friday is movie night in our house. It has been since Rob came home permanently from the DRC. Lexi loves it because she gets to fall asleep on the couch, stay up and most of all she gets movie night snacks.
Movie night snacks used to be a bag of chips and often chocolate too. Since we have been making an effort to set a healthier example for Lexi we stopped buying junk. This means that I have had to seriously up my snack game.
Our go to lately has been popcorn, but I have tried to make it a little bit more exciting. Occasionally I’ll throw in a few mini M&M’s and some mini marshmallows as a surprise, but our favourite popcorn has been the cinnamon coconut popcorn from Deliciously Ella (see how to make it here). Lexi recently requested chocolate popcorn. We tried buttered popcorn with cocoa powder which I thought was really delicious, but the next time Lexi used hot chocolate powder (because, duh! sugar!) and she preferred that version.
Lexi quite enjoyed making our own "Doritos". It’s simple and easy for kids to prepare too. Slice wholewheat wraps into triangles with a pizza slicer, brush a tiny bit of olive oil over and sprinkle with salt. Place under the drill for 2-3 minutes until crispy. Turn them over and grill the other side for an addition minute. These are really good dipped into homemade guacamole.
Do you have a food dehydrator? We love ours! It’s perfect for making vegetable (or even fruit) chips. Lexi’s favourite combination is butternut, sweet potato and beetroot. Or to satisfy a sweet craving try apple with a tiny sprinkling of cinnamon.
Another of our favourite food combinations is apple and peanut butter. Apple "nachos" drizzled with melted peanut butter and chocolate is a winner with Lexi every time. Put your peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it enough to drizzle. Another great alternative if you want to skip the chocolate and be really healthy is Antonia’s chocolate spread (made with raw hazelnuts and cacao).
Or if you want something really indulgent you could try our favourite big, fat, chewy chocolate chunk cookies (recipe here). These are amazing for dunking in tea / coffee!
Do you have a regular movie night in your house? What snacks do you have?

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