Making Valentines Day Memorable For Kids

I have a little confession, I don’t particularly like Valentines day. Not for any specific reason, I just don’t. Yet Lexi is the complete opposite. She’s just six years old and is already crazy about Valentines day. I’ve been determined to make it special for her so that she has some great memories to cling to when she (inevitably) has some disappointing Valentines later on in her life. (That sounds so pessimistic, but I am a realist!)
Here are some of our family traditions to make it a special day:
"Secret" Valentine From Daddy
This is something my father did for my sisters and me. We always knew it was from Daddy but it got the day off to a happy start. Rob calls Lexi his Bumble-Bee and so this year he bought her a pair of bumble-bee earrings.
A Picnic With Friends
I have been blessed with a wonderful mom tribe whose children I adore. This year will be our third Valentines day picnic. Everyone makes an effort to dress in red / white / pink and we all bring themed snacks to share.
Themed Baking Together
Of course, Lexi LOVES baking and so every year we bake something together. Usually our themed snack for our friend’s picnic. Lexi has been begging to bake but I’ve been holding out for Valentines day. This year we made healthier chewy chocolate chip cookies. You can find the recipe HERE.
Family Dinner
This is not something unusual in our household. In fact we eat dinner together most nights. It’s something that is an important ritual for us and I’ve often spoken about the importance of family meals. For Valentine’s day we set the table beautifully and our conversation is a little bit different. This year I have some conversation starters about why we love each other etc.

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