Kicking Off Craft Month

March is craft month!
During craft month, crafters get creative with their supplies. Artisans set to work on a design, and different craftspeople put their skills together to bring an idea to life. With a broad range of crafts to choose from, craft month inspires all kinds of mediums. From paper and wood to fabrics, paint and metal craft, the month is dedicated to creativity and inspiration.
Always keen to be in on the action, I have gotten together with three of my favourite crafting moms (who are also bloggers) and we are doing our own crafting month challenge. Each week we will be doing a craft inspired by things we normally throw in the garbage.
We are kicking off craft month with upcycled yoghurt pots.
This is what my fellow crafters have come up with:
My Crafting Philosophy
My philosophy towards doing crafts is a little unconventional. Rather than directing the activity I let Lexi drive the creative process. From a young age she has had full access to our craft cupboard and has been able to make what she wants, when she wants. Yes, we’ve had some spectacular disasters and messes, but she can created some spectacular pieces of art.
This month’s crafts are no different.
Our Yoghurt Pot Craft
We don’t buy traditional yoghurt in little yoghurt pots, so for this craft we used the cup from our Wazoogles Supernatural Oats. When I asked Lexi what she could make with it that would be useful she immediately thought of a plant pot.
I was expecting her to paint the cup, but here’s what she came up with…

To make your own yoghurt cup plant pot this is what you’ll need:

Step 1:
Poke a hole in the bottom of your yoghurt pot.

Step 2:
Paint a little glue around the pot and start winding your wool around the pot.

Step 3:
Place a few small stones in the bottom for drainage, then fill with potting soil.

Step 4:
Plant your seedling or seeds.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s interpretations of this craft!

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