Keeping Kids Hydrated

The mercury is rising and I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to keep Lexi hydrated!
It’s something most moms I know struggle with. And I have had quite a few requests for my tips and tricks.
Kids run around and get super sweaty and so they need to keep hydrated. But do you know how much your child should be drinking? The general rule is 1 liter for every 25kg. Lexi weighs 20kg but I try to get her to drink 1 liter a day.
Here are a few of my tricks….
Make water available
I always make sure that there is fresh, filtered water in an accessible spot in our kitchen, that way Lexi can just help herself. I also like to watch as the level of the jug goes down throughout the day so that I can monitor her intake.
Let your child choose a special cup / bottle
When Lexi was much younger I would take her to the shop and let her choose her own cups and bottles. It may seem silly, but giving them control over this one tiny aspect can make it so much easier when trying to get them to drink.
Make sure they are eating foods with high water content
Nature has given us what we need to stay hydrated in the form of fruits and vegetables. Fruits like watermelon, pineapple, melon and strawberry all have a high water content. However, they are also high up on the glycaemic index so don’t get carried away with the fruit. Summer salads can also aid in hydration. Cucumber, spinach, iceberg lettuce, celery and green peppers are also full of water.
Keep your freezer stocked with popsicles
Such a simple trick, but so effective. This is also a great way to sneakily add a few vegetables into your child’s diet. Check out some of our favourite combinations here.
Let your kids play with ice
When Lexi was tiny I used to make sheets and blocks of ice for her to play with in summer. She almost always ended up licking and sucking on chunks of ice. It makes for great sensory play and helps keep your child hydrated.
Make infused water
As I have mentioned before, I love lemon water! Lexi HATES lemon water. But she loves pretty fruit infused waters. I freeze berries, fruit, mint (and other herbs) and edible flowers in ice cubes. On a particularly hot day they will keep the water cool and start to infuse it as the ice melts.
Have you ever seen a child digging at the bottom of a glass for the lemon or ice? I guarantee your kids will be digging for the fruit.
Not sure which flowers are edible? Try some of these:
NasturtiumsBorageCalendula (Pot Marigold)Pansies & ViolasLavender Squash FlowersRose PetalsPineapple Sage CarnationsChamomile (pictured above)
A couple of our favourite combinations are…

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