Invitation To Create – Felt Easter Eggs

Can you believe it is already almost Easter?! Easter is one of my favourite times to update Lexi’s crafting space with craft supplies in pastel shades.
She has always seen my working with felt (my side hustle is making kids hair accessories) and always wanted to join in. Felt Easter eggs are one of those no fuss, little mess crafts that has beautiful results! And Lexi was thrilled to be able to make something with felt.
To make your own you will need:
Felt in assorted colours
Scissors (make sure they are sharp enough to cut felt)
Glitter glue pens
Contact adhesive
Whatever other crafting items you have in your home
Cut out felt Easter eggs in various colours.
Allow your child to decorate with scrap bits of ribbon and whatever other bits and pieces you have in your craft cupboard.
I decided to glue the eggs together and make a mobile. Other ways you could use the eggs are:
CardsBuntingPlace cards at the table
If you’re planning on doing some Easter baking check out our favourite cookie recipe HERE.
Let me know what you decided to do with the eggs your child created!

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