I’m a Crunchy Mom . . . And Proud of It!

Yes, I’m a baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, homeschooling, organic and natural mom…. and I am proud of it. This week Lexi was squishing an organic date between two organic walnuts when she said to me, "Mom, these are better than sweets". It was one of my proudest parenting moments and also the moment that I realised that I am totally a Crunchy Mom.

While I am proud to be a natural mother, I feel like the term Crunchy Mom is offensive. Just google Crunchy Mom and you’ll find articles like "Are Crunchy Parents Clueless?" and "12 Ways Crunchy Moms Are So Annoying".
I find it sad that we live in an era of labels and mom-shaming. Why can’t people (particularly mothers) be more accepting of those that make different choices? And why are there now labels like Scrunchy Mom and Silky Mom? Aren’t we all mother’s doing our best, the best way we know how?
I prefer terms like natural mother and earth mama. So, from here on I have decided to refer to myself as a natural mother. Here’s why I am proud to be a natural mother….
I am not afraid to make choices that are not always popular with other people. I have had some very negative responses to some of my parenting choices And you know what? I am old enough and mature enough that it didn’t bother me at all. We should be confident enough in our choices that we aren’t afraid to tell people, and without guilt or fear of their reaction.
As women we experience nastiness from other women early on in girlhood. Girls pick on each other about their looks, what they eat, how they dress etc. This carries on into motherhood. Let’s rise above the pettiness and teach our daughters to be better than that!

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