How to Make School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Are your kids picky eaters? I get so many messages from moms complaining that their children come home with barely touched lunches. One of the biggest complaints is that kids don’t want sandwiches for lunch anymore and moms just don’t know what to pack for lunch.
The internet (in this case me) is here with a few suggestions, and hopefully the answers!
Hummus and Pita
Place some of your homemade hummus in its own container so it can travel safely. Pack your choice of lunch meat slices with carrot slices, cucumber, celery and baby tomatoes. If you like, you can put another dipping sauce into their lunch for the vegetables, Lexi loves both tahini sauce and tzatziki. Hummus is great because it’s a good source of protein, and that will help your little ones to stay on top of their day.
Kid’s aren’t convinced? Try my homemade chocolate hummus with apple slices.

Cheese is something that basically every kid loves. A lot of the time, it doesn’t even need to be hot for them to love it. Quesadillas are super simple to make, and your kids will love them. Pack their lunch with the quesadillas cut into slices for easy eating. You can add some kind of dipping sauce like a mild salsa to the lunch. To keep it balanced, you should include some kind of vegetable and fruit. Lexi loves carrot sticks on the side.
Rice Wraps
The coolest things about these rice wraps is that kids can easily eat them with their hands! It might take a minute, but you should be able to find rice paper wraps at the your grocery store. You can quiz your kids on what kinds of things they would like inside their rolls and fill them with any combination of their tastes. You can even include fruit. I love mine with fresh pineapple. They keep well, and will give them a light healthy lunch that will keep them happy until dinner time. You can include some nuts, seeds and blueberries as a side snack.
Sandwich Wraps
Sandwich wraps are everywhere now, so you can grab some wraps from the grocery store, and fill it with any kind of meat, cheese, and lettuce that your kids will love to eat. Cut them into slices, and you’ll have another super fun finger food to take with them. Pack with a side of apple slices, and some celery sticks.
For a treat you can include a dessert wrap spread with Antonia’s chocolate spread and filled with a banana (a favourite of Lexi’s).
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