Healthy Habits To Keep Moms Healthy (And Sane!)

There’s been a nasty bug going around and Lexi caught it last week. Usually I fear these things because I, inevitably, get them from Lexi. She recovers in 2 days and I am sick for 2 weeks, leaving me grumpy.
This time I wasn’t so worried. With a change of lifestyle I was confident that I wouldn’t get sick. And I didn’t!
We all know that changing our diet and exercising more often help us boost our immune systems and manage stress better. I’ve started some new habits that one wouldn’t normally associate with better immune system, but they seem to have helped me.
You may think that meditation sounds odd for a daily habit that reduces illness. The truth is, meditation can have a direct connection to your overall health. Meditation, which can be done in many forms, helps your body to slow down. It helps you to focus on root issues and find ways to handle those issues so they don’t get out of hand. It allows you to calm down from daily issues such as problems with your children, work, or just things that are upsetting you. It is a time to reflect and to focus on your overall emotional health.
When you don’t deal with these emotional and mental issues, you cause your body to become tense and stressed. This tension and stress can increase your blood pressure, cause headaches, and lead to your immune system breaking down. Simple daily meditation habits can help reduce that and increase an illness-free lifestyle.

You may hear the word journaling and immediately cringe. It does bring to mind to the idea of daily journal entries that are tedious. The truth is, you can journal in a number of ways. Journaling has a direct connection to stress levels and can reveal stress inducing instances and people to you that you may not think of as an issue.
For example, if you are feeling anxiety and you have worked through the normal checklist of suspects, journaling can help you narrow down the others. By working through a journaling process on a daily process, you will find yourself able to rant, able to release stress, and able to figure out what may be causing undue stress so you can remove it. The reduced stress means a calmer body and mind, which means your body works at a more efficient level and your immune system is healthy and able to fight off illness.
Not sure what to write? Pinterest has lots of journal prompts and ideas. You can find some on my Pinterest board.
I also use my journal as a sketchbook and creative outlet. I’m no artist, but I love to doodle. I have my journal handy, along with some fine liner pens, most of the time. It’s amazing what funny little sketches pop out from time to time.
You may be meditating and journaling, working out and eating well. You may think that you have it all figured out, but if you are still getting sick, you may be missing the biggest link to reducing illness. If you’re not staying hydrated, you could be causing additional stress to your body. Your body needs water to work properly. If you have everything else covered and you are still getting ill, try to increase your water intake.
By applying these habits to your daily routine, you will start to notice that your immune system seems to be stronger and you’ll get sick less frequently. Keep in mind that a lot of the healthy habits have nothing to do with eating or supplements and more to do with keeping your mind and emotions healthy.

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