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As a homeschooling mom I started out with lots of preconceived notions of how our activities should go. Where arts and crafts were concerned I had high expectations and was often disappointed that things didn’t go the way that I had planned (even though Lexi usually had a great time). Once I let go of my expectations Lexi’s creative confidence grew and she started creating art that I never dreamt of.
My friend Marcia is the perfect example of the wonderful things that can happen when you let go and let your children create. Mom of three gorgeous little girls, Marcia shares what she calls imperfectly perfect art created by her girls, encouraging other families to collaborate and grow their creative confidence together. "Even in imperfection there is always something perfect, a reminder for me to not focus on always trying to be perfect but rather to enjoy the journey and find my version of perfection in my imperfect life.", says Marcia.
Marcia, a teacher, has teamed up with a wonderful group of women and put together a Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Workshop. The workshop will include discussions around sensory issues (including those related to diet), learning through play and process art.
The first workshop is taking place on Saturday, 10 November and tickets are selling fast.

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