Craft Month – Toilet Rolls

Toilet rolls are one of things we always seem to have in abundance! And the crafting possibilities are endless.
This week Marcia of Mini Matisse Diaries challenged us to create something using toilet rolls, as part of our Craft Month Challenge. I decided that this week I was going to get involved and craft with Lexi, which means that I chose the craft. I did this both because I LOVE crafting myself and because Mother’s day is shortly after we come back from our trip and I wanted to work with Lexi on something she can give her Granny and Mimi (Mom, Pat… look away now!).
Don’t forget to check out what the other challengers created this week:
Laura (Harassed Mom)
I adore all things floral and so we made toilet roll flowers for Mother’s day.
To make your own you will need:
4 toilet rolls (per flower)
A glue gun (or stapler)
Paint (we like to use acrylic)
Paint brushes
A wooden stick
Flower pot
A polystyrene ball that fits into your flower pot Tissue paper (green)

Step 1:
Fold your toilet rolls in half and glue (or staple) them into a flower shape on your wooden stick.

Step 2:
Paint your flower.

Step 3:
Push your flowers into the polystyrene ball. You may want to reinforce with a little extra glue as the flowers are quite heavy.
Step 4:
Cut your green tissue paper into a grass pattern and wrap around your polystyrene ball. Place in your flower pot.

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing all the toilet roll creations!

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