Christmas Around the World: Germany

Who doesn’t love a beautifully put together gingerbread house?! It is something that I have tried a few years in a row, eventually getting it right last Christmas (thanks to a Wilton’s kit).
But do you know the history of the gingerbread house? Did you know that Nuremberg, Germany is known as the gingerbread capital of the world?
Gingerbread, as we know it today, descends from Medieval European culinary traditions. Gingerbread was also shaped into different forms by monks in Franconia, Germany in the 13th century. Lebkuchen bakers are recorded as early as 1296 in Ulm and 1395 in Nuremberg, Germany.
Nuremberg was recognized as the "Gingerbread Capital of the World" when in the 1600s the guild started to employ master bakers and skilled workers to create complicated works of art from gingerbread. Medieval bakers used carved boards to create elaborate designs. During the 13th century, the custom spread across Europe.
No, we didn’t bake gingerbread (not yet!). Instead we used it as an inspiration for a Christmas craft.

All you need is:
Thick cardboard (we cut a piece off a box)
A ruler A small craft knife Foam stickers Glitter glue White crayon Whatever other craft supplies you want for decorating
Glue gun
Parchment paper
Battery operated tea light

Using your craft knife, and a ruler measure out and cut your gingerbread house out of cardboard. Resist the temptation to start decorating it yourself (that was hard for me) and cut out window, door and other details. I kept it simple to allow Lexi more creative freedom. Then let your child add whatever details they choose. Once glitter glue is dry turn over and tape pieces of parchment paper over the windows and other cut outs. Using a glue gun glue stands onto the back. Place your tea light behind the gingerbread house and see how it glows at night.

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