Best Play Date Snacks (Be The Cool Mom)

I’m THAT mom, the one whose house the neighbourhood kids congregate at. I love it (mostly) and wouldn’t change it! Lately though I found Lexi running off to other people’s houses for snacks and realised that I need to up my snack game.
The perfect opportunity to play around and experiment with new Aromat Naturally Tasty!
Aromat Naturally Tasty is a healthier seasoning option. Made with expertly blended naturally dried herbs and spices, Aromat Naturally Tasty seasoning has no added MSG and contains 40% less Salt. If, like me, you analyse each ingredient in your foods, this is a great alternative.

Lexi narrowed it down to these three favourite snacks:
Rice Cake Pizzas
These are quick, easy and kids love making their own pizza.
Spread a little dollop of your favourite tomato base onto a rice cake. Give the kids little bowls of toppings and cheese and let them put together their pizza. Once they’re done season with a sprinkle of Aromat and put in the microwave for a couple of seconds until the cheese is just melted. Let cool for a minute.
BLT Wraps
Lexi is crazy about bacon, and I’m yet to meet a child that doesn’t like it. I usually have some in the fridge for quick sandwiches.
Spread some cream cheese on a wrap. Fill with bacon, lettuce and tomato, season with Aromat and roll.
Sounds like an ordinary wrap, right? Wrong! According to Lexi the secret is in how you cut it! Cut into bit size slices and hold them together with toothpicks (Lexi loves the bento box ones with cute characters).
Baked Tortilla Chips
Kids love chips, but they love homemade varieties just as much!
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Spread a little olive oil on tortillas (we like the multigrain ones from Woolworths) making sure to cover the whole tortilla. Season with Aromat and slice into triangles, or cut with cookie cutters. Arrange on a cookie tray. Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden and crispy.
Lexi loves these with mashed avo seasoned with some Aromat. Other great alternatives are mild salsa and cream cheese.

What snacks do your kids enjoy with their friends?

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