Amazing Easter Traditions to Start This Year

I’m big on creating family traditions! My mom created some unusual ones for us (we had an elf on the shelf in the 80’s) that made for a magical childhood.
Easter is another holiday that brings back many childhood memories. On the Easter weekend we were allowed to drag cushions to our parents’ bedroom and make a giant bed on their floor that the three of us slept on. When we woke up we would each have a different colour wool to follow that led to an Easter basket filled with non-chocolate treats.
This Easter Lexi has been particularly enthusiastic which has made me even more excited to put in the effort to make is special for her.
Traditions you can start this year
Remember the feeling of excitement you got as a child around the holidays? These traditions have helped build up the anticipation in our home.
Put up an Easter tree
Lexi has a stick and branch collection second to none! They’re always in the way and I have been expressly forbidden from throwing any away, but they do come in handy during the holidays. This year I gave Lexi a can of white spray paint and a mask and allowed her to paint her chosen branch. Each year I give her access to the box of Easter decorations and she is allowed to decorate the ‘tree’.

Decorate Your Home Together
Something so simple can create so much excitement and joy. We used various bits and pieces from around the house and created a few of our own to add to what we already had.

Decorating Eggs
Last year I sat and blew out eggs through ridiculously tiny holes. This year I got smart and bought polystyrene eggs (R15 for 9 eggs from Variety Store). Once again, I gave Lexi carte blanche and she was allowed to decorate her eggs with whatever craft supplies she could find in the craft cupboard.
Write a Letter to the Easter Bunny
We are attempting a chocolate free Easter (who am I kidding?! there will always be chocolate). So Lexi sat down to write a letter to the Easter Bunny to tell him what small items she would like in lieu of chocolate. For smaller children you can find great ideas here.
Bake Easter Treats
You can check out our family favourite big, fat, chewy chocolate chunk cookies recipe here. These are a must have in our household at Easter time.
This year we also baked carrot cake cupcakes. You can find our recipe here.

What Easter traditions does your family have? What traditions will you be starting this year?

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