Amazing Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

Photo by wagrati photo from Pexels
When I think about Christmas I think about all the magical traditions that my parents started for us. LONG before there was Elf on the Shelf we had Elfie (we’re talking in the 80’s here). My parents have incredible imaginations and still love creating magic and fun for their grandchildren.
We have started a few Christmas traditions of our own since Lexi was born.
I thought I’d share a few of our traditions.
Kid Made Christmas Decorations
Ok, so this one isn’t that unusual. Every year Lexi makes a decoration (or a few) for our tree. We’ve made salt dough stars, pipe cleaner spirals (with beads), pompom garlands and popsicle stick snowflakes. Needless to say, our house and tree are VERY colourful. I have also bought a bauble every year and Lexi has put her hand print on it with white acrylic paint. I’m not sure I’ll find one big enough for her hand this year!
Christmas Pyjamas
Those of you that know me well know that I am obsessed with pyjamas. Every year on Christmas Eve Lexi gets Christmas pyjamas. Usually by Christmas she is in desperate need for bigger ones, but also I just can’t resist the cute Christmas themed ones. Cotton On usually has really cute ones.
Baking Together
As a child my mom used to bake sugar cookies with my grandmother. And as children we baked the same recipe with my mom. This is a tradition I have carried on. Lexi and I still use my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe and we make a HUGE quantity of cookies that we share with friends and neighbours.
Christmas Eve Book
On Christmas Eve Jingle-Belle (our elf) leaves Lexi and Christmas book that we read together before bed.
Portable North Pole
This is the BEST app ever developed. I highly recommend you pay for a premium subscription. Load your child’s details and they will receive personalised video messages and phone calls from Santa. Best of all is that you can record your child’s reactions. Rob and I have recently gone back and watched some of Lexi’s older reaction videos and laughed a lot.
With a premium subscription your child will also get a birthday video message from Santa. Lexi was ridiculously excited to receive hers this year.
Santa’s Footprints
This is something my parents did and we have carried on. Some flour or baby powder on some heavy boots make awesome Santa footprints. I made sure to put them on the pathway to our front door and not in the house because Lexi is still a little freaked out by the idea of someone coming in the house (the joys of living in South Africa!).
I also bought an elf footprint template from the Crazy Store recently. I can’t wait to use it!
Magic Key
We live in a house that doesn’t have a fireplace. Lexi was very young when she realised and wanted to know how Santa gets in without a chimney. I found an old, unused key and painted it red and covered it in glitter then tied a bow and ribbon on it. Lexi leaves the magic key just outside our front door on Christmas Eve. It’s magic because it will only work for Santa and nobody else.
What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions? I would love to hear what other families do.

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