I’m Candice. I am wife to Rob and mother to Lexi (amongst other things).

​Since becoming a mother I have become very aware of what I feed my daughter and what I put into my own body. Kids learn from what their parents do, not what they say, right?

It all started with a bag of carrot seeds. Lexi is not one of those kids who nags for things when we go shopping. She very rarely asks for anything when we are out. On this particular day she was pretty set on buying carrot seeds. I couldn’t really say no to the sweet little girl that rarely asks for anything.

Thus started my passion for growing our own food.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

We have a tiny urban garden and I wasn’t sure where to plant the carrot seeds. With my enthusiastic little helper, we ended up ripping out most of the plants in our back flower beds and planting the seeds (I still had so much to learn!).

Each day Lexi went out and watered her seeds and waited patiently (which is hard for a 2 year old!) for something to happen. The carrots grew beautifully and before I knew it we had bunches of gorgeous, sweet carrots.

One afternoon I heard the tap in the backyard and found Lexi washing carrots straight out the ground for her afternoon snack. It was then that I realised that growing our own food was about more than making sure that we had a source of organic, non-gmo vegetables. It was a valuable learning experience for Lexi.

It’s been a learning experience for me as a parent too. Lexi is not a fussy eater but I have learnt that kids are more likely to try something new when they have actively participated in growing it. And even more so when they are allowed to participate in preparing meals.

So, the reason I want to share my recipes is to hopefully inspire other mothers. Not necessarily to grow their own food, but to try new and healthy foods with their children.

Most people don’t know this, but I was a baker and blogged about my baking for a few years. So there will be plenty of healthy alternatives to treats too here at Lexi’s Lunch.