A Simple Way To Make Dishwashing Easier

Shhhhh! I’ll share a little secret with you. I never liked the smell of traditional dishwashing liquids.
Not to mention the dry, sore hands. With spending so much time in the kitchen I need products that work but are gentle on my hands.
Sunlight have gone and outdone themselves with new Sunlight Extra, in terms of smell AND quality.
I have always found inspiration in nature and made sure that I spend time outdoors. Sunlight too were inspired by nature when developing new Sunlight Extra. With Aloe Vera, Mineral Salts and the degreasing power of Sunlight, it not only cuts through grease making dish washing fast and easy but it is also gentle on your hands.
One of my biggest concerns has always been bacteria growth in the sponges we use to wash our dishes. I have tried many tips and tricks that I have heard from people over the years but nothing seemed to really clean the sponge. New Sunlight Extra Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing liquid is made with the same degreasing power of Sunlight with added natural ingredients (mint and lactic acid), which kill 99.9% of germs on the sponge. And it smells AMAZING!
The best part? With Sunlight Extra’s incredible grease cutting power washing dishes will only take a few minutes, leaving you time to get outside and find your inspiration in nature.

Next time you find yourself in the garden kick off your shoes and look around for great smelling flowers, herbs and even fruits (if you’re lucky enough) and make your own luxurious hand scrub.
Here’s how I make my favourite scrub:

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